BKs in Suriname

Welcome to the website of the Brahma Kumaris in Suriname

The Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Organisation in Suriname was officially established in 1981, after a series of short visits by several senior founding members of the organization from India. These seniors called Dadis (Elder Sisters) brought the wisdom and study of spiritual principles of Raja Yoga to the Caribbean region. Although the country’s population is small, Suriname is known for its diverse religio-cultural heritage and tolerance. The seeds of spiritual wisdom that were planted by our senior sisters were well received by those who came in contact with them and those seeds were nourished by the interest in the spiritual journey within the minds of the Surinamese people.  Now registered as a non-profit organisation and non-governmental organization (NGO), activities of the Brahma Kumaris in Suriname are coordinated by a team of local students and teachers.

We at the Brahma Kumaris are a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to learning, personal development and self-empowerment on the spiritual dimension. Through daily study, reflective exercises and group meditation sessions, we explore fundamental concepts about the nature of our true identity, time and our relationship with matter. Our focus on continual betterment of the self stems from a powerful belief that each individual is responsible for creating a better world by becoming a better person. We also believe strongly in the power of the collective, so a gathering of such individuals can come together to spread waves of peace and transformation over the world.  

Our students volunteer and spend time in service to the community through offering courses in Raja Yoga meditation and Positive Thinking, lecture programmes, motivational workshops and various other activities. We also do outreach through radio and TV programmes in the areas of human values and exploration of meditation. Upon request, we also design and offer programmes on personal development and meditation for youth, the prison community and other targeted groups. As a former Dutch colony, Suriname served as a solid base for outreach of the Brahma Kumaris and establishment of centres in some of the other Dutch-speaking countries in the Caribbean:  Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. Our services are offered free of charge to the public. 

You are most welcome to contact us to find out more information or to arrange an appointment with one of our teachers at your nearest centre. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms!